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How to increase the Conversion of a Website

Regardless of the type of online business, one problem every online business owner faces is converting their visitors into their customer. Conversion rate is so crucial that even 2% conversion rate is considered as a good for an e-commerce website. However, for a financial website conversion rate can be as high as 5% to even qualify for an average conversion website. Conversion of a website significantly depends upon the type of business. To understand this properly please look at the chart below explaining the medium, top 20% and top 30% conversion rate according to the type of business. .....

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Digital Marketing Trends to Succeed in 2016

In the past few years, content has become the key player in deciding the success of any online business on the internet. If your website has great quality content with no plagiarism, then you website’s ranking will significantly improve in Google and other search engines. So, in 2016 as well, you need to invest more in content marketing. Content marketing is no longer a mere trend, but it has become the necessity of business firms because it not only provides information about a business’s products and services to its potential customers, but it also helps in developing a strong client base of any business. If you choose to invest more in content marketing in 2016, you are definitely not going to enhance the SEO value of your website, but will also be able to develop a strong customer base. .....

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Key Online Marketing Tips for an Effective Accounting Website

In accounting industry, it has become a completely bold statement now that "Accountants don’t get sufficient clients from the Internet"? Why is it so? Do the accountants or the accounting firms lacks something very important, which is required for establishing their brand value on the internet? Or they are simply not getting their own types of clients from the internet? One reason that might be behind these questions is that they want good amount of big clients and probably big clients don’t search for accounting firms on internet. However, this logic fails in a world where everything is getting geared up for the internet. While nearly all businesses are becoming online to extend their reach among the techno savvy generation, it has become important for the accountants and the accounting firms to have their own website with SEO friendly interface to acquire more clients. .....

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What Qualities Make a High Conversion Website?

Are you looking to create a highly competitive website with great conversions for your accounting business? Although there are hundreds of essential components that help in creating a high conversion website, but the actual idea that persists behind the development of any website revolves around a common question, “what does your customer actually requires”? If your website is crafted by keeping the answer of this question, then it is definitely going to embark spark on the internet with its presence. So, the main thing is to unleash the important qualities that help in creating a truly high traffic website with improved conversions. Here are some features that will give you an idea of how to achieve this scrumptious goal at the earliest.

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